Three things in life are certain, death, taxes and boring Thank You slides. So we decided to change one

August 14, 2023

You’ve spent weeks labouring over a slick presentation complete with an emotional mood film and comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy for your presentation to hang on one slide the longest - the Thank You slide.

So given we spend the longest lingering on this slide than the previous 137 slides in the deck, wouldn’t it be nice if we could use this valuable real estate for better use?

Introducing an open-sourced Google Slide presentation ‘Thank You’ slide that includes information about key charities or organistations that agencies can simply ⌘+C, ⌘+V into their own presentation and add their own flashy brand bits.

To kick this idea off we threw our support around the Yes23 campaign for upcoming the Voice referendum, because we believe that the best vote is an informed one.

Access it here to give your next presentation* some deeper meaning and keep an eye out for our next ‘Thanks for your attention slide’.

*Hopeful Monsters are not responsible for any loss of pitches as a result of the ‘Thanks for your attention slide’

Words by Hopeful Monsters.