An Agency's Brand. Does It Matter?

February 28, 2024

This month, Hopeful Monsters turns one.

And reflecting on the year that was, of course the highlight was being named in Mumbrella’s list of the most ridiculous (aka ridiculously amazing) names in Adland. We’d made it. We’d stood out. We’d risen above a sea of boring.

On a serious note, 12 months on from relaunching the agency as Hopeful Monsters, it’s the best thing we could have done. While some people thought we were mad, losing all the legacy that came with our old name, I’m glad we didn’t listen.

You see, a lot of agencies sell brand positioning to clients, but they don’t know who they are or what they stand for.

A good brand has substance. From its mission and its story to its behaviour and the way it shows up each day. It's something its people can get behind and feel inspired to be a part of.  

A good brand attracts other good brands. It captures the imagination and provides a nod to your point of view on the world.

And it leads to partnerships with the kind of clients and people you want to spend a big part of your week with. Those that get what it is to be different and distinctive.  

12 months in, I’m grateful we have a lot of those.

Hopeful Monsters are people that think like us. Behave like us. Have ambitions like us. On a mission to grow brands by disrupting categories and talking to people about stuff they actually care about.

90% of people don’t care about brands. And clever marketers get that. So they’re up for doing work that actually changes the culture of a category, rather than just broadcasting a message that nobody gives two hoots about.

So 12 months in, thank you to all our incredible clients that have believed in us. Who’ve trusted us to help them show up in unexpected ways and effectively grow their brands.

And to our talented team of brilliant brains that have made it happen, also a big thank you.

The rise of Hopeful Monsters has just begun.

Words by Katie Barclay.